How Marketing Started

WHAT IS MARKETING: A tale of Before and After the Marketing Evolution

WHAT IS MARKETING: A tale of Before and After the Marketing Evolution

Marketing is the sexy glitzy and glamorous world you think it is. Creative and bold ideas, daring strategies that come to life, and all with measurable results. Yes we can give you a dynamic business image and personality and measure how you customers like it! Yes, the days of Mad Men are all true. . .

Today’s industry is fast paced. Sometimes to an almost nauseating level. Or don't tisk at me for being honest. It's a fact that data comes in at a more rapid pace then we can process it. Data is immediately available. Before we could only guess as to what worked in marketing. Now, while it can be overwhelming for many, this new world where we are getting loads of data it is just exciting. It is why we get up in the morning for that caffeine that starts the synopsis. When we click POST for your Facebook advertisement, within the first hour we can see measurable results of the campaign, and the results come in fast. Days have become hours to get the first tickers on measurable data. HOURS! That is insane.

In days gone by we could track daily results, seeing the day before totals. But now we have down to insights. We have arrived at a time when moment to moment live feeds and watching user traffic is live. These insights were not even a twinkle in our eye.

Today’s marketers still test. A/B Tests are valuable and can provide differential data that is invaluable to a strategy. However to be certain we rely on 2 factors: (keep reading . . . .