WHAT IS MARKETING a tale of before and after the Online Marketing Evolution

Marketing IS the sexy glitzy and glamorous world you think it is. We talked a little bit more about that in our interview.

+ Creative and bold marketing ideas

+ daring marketing strategy that comes to life

+ all with measurable results

While we work really really long hours, and get ridiculous ideas in the middle of the night adding to our sleep deprivation (thanks Netflix), in the end we give you dynamic sophisticated marketing solutions for your business.

But getting to this part of providing the BEST marketing on demand in Chicagoland happens because of experience. And we are geeks, so let’s talk about where marketing all started. Hollywood style.

THE BEFORE: How Marketing Started

Yes, the days of Mad Men are all true. Once upon a time there was this brilliant idea to put pictures of your business in the newspaper. Advertisers added some fancy wording and the result: more people would come to your store.

That idea of advertising turned into a specialty. A company, would hire people in an advertising agency.

An advertising agency or a marketing firm is a team of specialists:

  • One copywriter to write about their business

  • A Creative Director to come up with ideas and draw the pictures

  • A Media Buyer to buy the space where the ads would be placed

  • And one point of contact in your account manager to keep the day-to-day details running and keep the client informed

Wouldn’t it be great to get the same on demand marketing that corporation do, but for small business? All these specialists rolled into one.


WHAT IS MARKETING a tale of before and after the Online Marketing Evolution

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Getting thru the Marketing History and Evolutions: approximately 4 minutes

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WHAT IS MARKETING: A tale of Before and After the Marketing Evolution

In the show Mad Men, a group of men would sit around and come up with ideas for advertisements to tell the story of your business. Agency then grew and they hired specialist artists, painters, and others who could craft a business image and message. This would soon to be defined as a brand.

Read more Insights . . . about BRANDING in our Digital Terms and Definitions

As advertising grew an agency would invent unique images and copy to sell your product.

The goals: to evoke a response from consumers and Make Them Buy. The advertisements would evolve into a campaign, or series of ads, that would take different shapes: in newspapers and radio. Campaigns grew to include promotions. These marketing campaigns stretched far beyond the in store ideas and began to enter consumers homes. In the newspaper and eventually direct to home mailings. This was an innovative way to target the promotional offer coming to your door with the “buy now coupons” and schticks < not a typo.


The 'IF' Model //

Advertising campaigns might have really brought in business. As long as there was a spike in the sales numbers and revenue DURING the campaign, then the Ad Campaign was considered a success, it must have generated that revenue. Results were measured in an "IF" model. If business grew, over the course of the ad campaign, then the results are credited to the ads.

So IF we are talking about WHAT IS MARKETING: A tale of Before and After the Marketing Evolution. . . let’s consider how advertising might have brought in business.

Of course after seeing results, the agency who created the ads would submit them for awards and recognition (shameless link plug for our awards here) from the marketing industry. Because in those days, everything was live by proxy. If my competition is advertising and growing in sales, I should too.

How to pick an agency? Well “let’s see who got the most awards.” Awards are not the only measure.

While awards are very meaningful, they are no longer the only way to know what truly “works” in marketing. The hit or miss strategy of "this looks good let's try it" is dwindling. There is always trials and tribulations that marketers go through, I have had my share. Sometimes these trials lead to opportunities for sophisticated ideas to bubble up (and learning what not to do). While there is an art to advertising - after all we DO KNOW What looks great + why it works. Nowadays with search engine optimization services we can add in the benefit of data driven results. Which really are the only results that matter. 



I loved when our agency at the bank would come in and the CFO would share the results of how many accounts were opened during the campaign period as compared to the period without ads running. We would literally look at how many accounts we opened from January 15 - Feb 29. Then we would compare to 6 weeks prior to campaign launch, and in later analysis 6 weeks post campaign.

And that was the end of the marketing campaign results. But then . . . we turned things over to the sales employees to continue the client life cycle and cross sell. Measurements were windows of time with and without ads and how they could drive business revenue.  Did the numbers go up? Sure they did. Exactly why? Was it the Hook? The featured Celebrity? The Coupon?  That exact detail WE DIDn'T KNOW.

Look, we all know that “the act of Advertising” works. Marketing of any kind, when well structured and aligned to objectives, brings in business. PERIOD. But we just didn’t know WHAT in the marketing made consumers buy? And yes, general consumer behavior was available by demographic, zip code and other categories. But What was it people like about the ad? What was the trigger that made clients want to open an account? What is the buying decision? All these types of questions we simply threw darts at. We tested and run A/B tests to compare offers . . . and still we could not dive deep enough into consumer purchase behavior. 

Now the possibilities on data driven decisions feel endless. And the targeted data options are growing, and immediate. This is an extremely exciting and fantastic result of what I have dubbed the Marketing Evolution. Results TODAY can be measured. ROmI can be traced to specific moment in the advertising cycle. When we improve our understanding of consumer desire + buy triggers, this is where it all changes. The new way of Marketing is Marketing + Results. 

THE AFTER: Marketing's Evolution

Today’s nearly all industry is fast paced. Sometimes to an almost nauseating level. (Oh don't tisk at me for being honest.)

It's a fact: data comes in at a more rapid pace then we can process it. Data is immediately available.

Before now, in THE BEFORE, we could only guess as to what worked in marketing. And they were good, experience based estimates.

Now, in THE AFTER, this new world where we are getting loads of data is just very exciting. The data is why we get up in the morning for the caffeine rush that starts our brain's synopsis.

When we click POST for your Facebook advertisement, within the first hour we can see measurable results of the campaign, and the results come in fast. Days have become hours to get the first tickers on measurable data. HOURS! That is insane.

In days gone by we could track daily results, that is seeing the DAY BEFORE totals. But now we have it down to insights in the moment. We have arrived at a time when moment to moment live interaction feeds (think GO LIVE on FACEBOOK) and watching user traffic (think the thumbs up and down on the screen) is live! The marketing, branding and web development work we do is now integrated in a 21st century global world, with immediate results. Together, strategy and data bring you business success. These insights were not even a twinkle in our eye long ago.

Today’s marketers still test. A/B Tests are important and can provide differential data that is invaluable to a strategy. However to be certain on strategies that work, we rely on 2 factors: 


  1. Tools includes data.

  2. And then is the almighty experience.

It’s the gut instinct and experience of having run many, many, many marketing strategies to know YES THIS WILL WORK, or run away and fast! If the fast paced world of marketing has got you down, Do. Not. Fret! Joanne Klee Marketing can make it Mission Possible!

The marketing, branding and web development are integrated in a 21st century global world and work together ... to bring you business success.”
— Joanne Kleé


We all carry a computer in our pocket. As business owners that empowers us to run a business and be accessible All. The. Time. The internet is allowing us to >literally< be selling 24/7. And while you may not be physically "at the office," your business and brand better be working non-stop for you. How can you harness this 24-hour sales cycle? WHAT IS MARKETING? A tale of Before and After the Marketing Evolution. It is using the marketing tools that are available to you. 

It is a delicate balance this marketing thing we do. Using the tools is the easy part, and we can train you or your staff to do it. The balance comes with using the tool effectively. 

  • How do you know what message works? It is written simply, to convey in less than 5 seconds your brand? 

  • Yes, you can automate you tweets, but are you sending a message that TALKS to your clients? That creates an emotional connection?

  • Yes, you can run a Facebook ad. But are you getting the interaction from your fans? And the revenue results?

Read more Insights . . . Want to Know How Important your Brand is to your Business. See it here where we explain the details of the Brand Role in your Marketing Plan.

This is where that delicate balance of using the tool and having experience in marketing comes in. There is still one element that cannot be taught. We can give you insights to when we have seen it happen, but sometimes knowing which ad to run and which strategy will work for your specific situation comes from good, old fashioned, experience! 

So this should be the end of post. But it doesn't stop with the data-driven results. I have a little more to add on the Marketing Evolution:

The People.


The evolution of the advertising business has brought about all these new fantastic jobs. The days of the artist hand drawing are long gone, with the easier agency life. Instead we have new titles with really fun and creative powerhouse people behind them.

  • The Ad "Painter" is now a Graphic Designer.

  • A former Copywriter is now a Content Manager.

  • Database Manager is the almighty Data Manager.

  • Sales Manager / CEO / CFO are all a Chief Marketing Officer.

 Sales has evolved from that day-to-day running of a business to being in laser sharp touch with clients. C-Suite officers know that Marketers can do this. We can keep in touch with clients, and grow revenue. Yet so many businesses shockingly STILL do not market. Or I should say they set up a website and said All Done. 


Marketing is growing, not just in the developer - tech - software tools + apps but also in the lightning speed of data results.  Getting from Good to Great is now data based. C-Suite executives want to know immediately when something worked. When a campaign or product is launched, we know it will work because of the consumer data ground down into tangible crumpets, which we can consume + nurture into an amazing product. Imagine knowing what consumers want. But once that launch happens we still want results, growth targets and ways to keep income flowing.

Developing a growth strategy becomes a multi-level integration into an organization, from hiring the right Marketing Team, to research and development, to production, launch and ongoing sales. That is where the need for an injection of ideas to grow business comes in. Sustainable growth. That will be the new trend for years to come.

We need to reach out of our digital frame and hit that emotional trigger to evoke a need, evoke a response. That essence of marketing has not changed.”
— Joanne Kleé

Staying on Trend

Loving this business means always paying attention to marketing. Staying on trend includes reading the Magazines and Publications to attending the Conferences that offer up the new cool tech, tool, app or gadget that is on the market. Trade shows that make accessible the meet and greet with the new unique niche element of data that a particular vendor is offering. And then there is the industry speak.

I hear the same commercials and messages you do, however my reaction may be a little bit more ethereal than yours. I will have a gut reaction to it that is beyond love or hate. It’s the wonderful "hand” and feel of the fashion world. Go ahead google it - I’ll wait. . . or see the term and definitions page on these Insights pages. 

Lastly, marketers can unite in the ideas we develop to stay on trend in the REAL and DIGITAL worlds. We marketers need to both understand digital life AND what works in reality. There is a subtlety to understand. To Differentiate. Look through the website joannekleemarketing.com where the work reflects tangible touchable marketing that evokes that emotional connection with potential customers. Where we consistently let the brand drive the creative. We need to reach out of our digital frame and hit that emotional trigger to evoke a response and as in the Mad Men days, Make People Buy. That essence of marketing has not changed. 


The REAL Definition of Marketing is below and brought to us by Google

Happy Reading. - Joanne


MARKETING - The Definition

mar·ket·ing  ˈmärkədiNG/  noun;

  1. the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

  2. "A valuable asset to complement your business." - Joanne

  3. raise your company profile to impress clients, increase awareness for a cause or promote a product - as a part of your Marketing plan, Joanne designs functional and creative events that align with your organization brand and message. 

Joanne focuses on services and programs that can help you grow your business, and increase revenue. If your plan is BIG AND DARING, or that little project that needs completing, your business goals are important to us. No project is too small or too big. Contact us today!

Where do you think marketing is going? Do you know where marketing has been? How is it changing? What are the skills people need to be good at it? How do you work with marketers like me? 

Businesses struggle to keep up with the quickly evolving technology + the digital world + marketing solutions. We use market research based data to target, reach, and understand your potential customers + the competition + industry trends.


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