Creative at her core ...

Joanne Klee, Owner.   Making it Mission Possible since 2005.

Joanne Klee, Owner.

Making it Mission Possible since 2005.


Joanne Kleé is a marketing Guru with a creative, AWARD WINNING 20 year professional career. Joanne's entrepreneurial vision led to Joanne Klee Marketing, a Chicago Based Marketing Firm, since 2005. 

Joanne is creative at her core. Her wealth of experience gives business owners access to marketing + manage business opportunities. She loves the work she does and expresses her creative side (seriously, she is left-handed). In her extensive background she has worked on interesting and unique marketing programs, generating great revenue-focused results. 

Joanne has led marketing departments at high-growth financial institutions. Her experience spans from exciting million-dollar retail advertising campaigns to low-cost grassroots initiatives. As a corporate project leader, she maintained a financial profit and loss (P&L statement) + developed return on Marketing investment (roMi) protocol. All her marketing initiatives need to make solid business sense and align with business goals.

Joanne graduated Summa Cum Laude from Northeastern Illinois University. After starting her corporate career, she was appointed one of the youngest officers of the bank at 25 years old, and completed her corporate career as Marketing Assistance Vice President. Shortly after leaving her corporate career she started her firm Joanne Klee Marketing, and never looked back. 

Joanne has a variety of interests. She has extensively traveled around the world: 4 continents, 7 countries, 45 states (and counting). She can say something in over a dozen languages + mówię po polsku + hablo un poco de español. Her talents include on and off stage roles in several theater productions, including set design and seamstress work. Read the credits page to learn more about Joanne.

Joanne Klee Marketing is an independent women-owned business. We are a provider of marketing and event management services since 2005.


Testimonial Advertising Campaign

In her corporate tenure, Joanne's marketing insights and influence brought to life a “client testimonial” advertising series & campaign to increase brand exposure for the corporate division (serving businesses with $20+ million in annual sales).


Increased quarterly account growth. Her unique award-winning 3D direct mail campaign for small business ($5-20 million in annual sales) received a 1,500% roMi, a first ever achievement for the bank (not a typo: 1,500% has two zero's).

Mergers and Acquisitions

Joanne's corporate tenure included her role as Mergers and Acquisitions marketing liaison at growth-driven financial institutions. Her experience includes the opening of a whirlwind 50+ de novo retail locations in two years.


The fastest arrival-at-profit for the new de novo's. Joanne served as Marketing Manager for the M&A team and Joint Ventures, partnering to develop the “Go To Marketing Strategy” from building brand awareness to ‘drip campaigns,’ and 'unique events' drawing high customer traffic, alongside revenue integration.


A Little Bit More ...


" ... thank you for being such a steady yet firm force the day-of. I really appreciated your honesty coupled with your understanding ..."


For information on getting started, solutions we provide, our document storefront, or ... you get the idea. 



It takes a village ... Joanne shares in the credits details about those who helped make her dream of owning her Northwest Side Chicago Best Business Marketing Firm possible.


Joanne Klee has received numerous industry awards + accolades + recognition for her Marketing Expertise, Leadership and Partnership. Go ahead click the button.


Always pay it forward.”
— Joanne Kleé


Joanne frequently gives opportunities to those entrepreneurs who show excellence in their work.

Joanne continually mentors entrepreneurs because she remembers the early years of her career. Through trials and tribulations, the stumbling blocks became wonderful life lessons. She created opportunities and learned that "you keep going and don't stop before finding success."

Are you a catalyst for change, with great ideas, and data to support them? If you are smart, energetic and assertive you can make something here. Contact Joanne... let's get started.


  • Costume Designer and Seamstress: “Suessical the Musical.” Chicago Public Schools, Onahan Elementary School, 2014. See the final costumes here (it's 100 costumes ...whoa) and the design process here. Thanks to the Parent Volunteers who completed "Costume Kits."

  • Amateur Entomology Presentation: “Insects Are All Around.” Chicago Public Schools, McPherson Elementary School 2015; Chicago Public Schools, Burr Elementary School 2016. Available on YouTube "Insects are All Around."

  • "Annual Block Party" Organizer Extraordinaire.