For your BIG AND DARING ideas, or those projects that need a LITTLE PUSH, your business goals are as important to me as they are to you.”  
— Joanne Kleé


MISSION POSSIBLE. We understand your business goals. We bring in revenue results. We understand your industry. We provide real solutions.




As we drive through our process, we put your marketing needs in the front seat. While we already have experience in your industry, we want to get to know your business a little more. Our conversation will help us shape a Marketing Plan that aligns to your business goals and revenue objectives with targeted marketing strategies. We will address any marketing needs you have to attract customers and increase market share. It is backed up by our consumer insights + market and industry data + competitor information.

Developing a Marketing Plan also gives your existing business a chance to refresh your brand with access to great marketing trends. We know what customers want, and we will expand your loyal customer base + the long term growth of your business. 


The market is full of competitors both experienced and new. A marketing review allows us to develop a strategy to position you as a market leader and outline why potential customers should PICK YOU. We conduct two types of analysis to ensure that we address all aspects of the business when drafting the marketing plan roadmap: 


1. We provide a top level S.W.O.T. analysis to review the marketing factors we can control, from your business Strengths and Opportunities, and the Competitions Weaknesses and Threats. We will include how you can capitalize on what you do best and where we can get in front of the competition. 


2. We include a P.E.S.T. review, which includes factors we cannot control in Political, Economical, Social and Technology. Yes, these indicators are extremely valuable to your business. As an evaluation in what is up and coming in the marketplace and how changes are potentially impacting your business. 



Let's get started with a conversation. We want to understand your business objectives and take inventory of your existing marketing and develop a plan.


See How We Work where we outline our time tested marketing process. Explore our marketing strategies below to learn how we develop a business marketing plan for you, to drive operational efficiencies, and maximize profits and growth. 

 Develop a Business Marketing Plan All The Work



Mission Possible. We bring big ideas to life. Once we hear you business objectives, we develop the strategies for a custom approach, to meet your business needs. 



+ a clear and concise marketing plan

+ revenue focused strategies

+ build on the plans you already have

+ adding marketing expertise

+ adding data based perspective along the way



We understand your target market and their “Value Drivers.” What are you customers needs, and what benefits do customer look for in your product? We have these answers. We also know when consumers buy, why, how, and if they like your product, and if not ... we strategize ways to change that. 


There is much to be said about how advertising and has evolved. We include advertising plans that give you a complete marketing mix and fit in your budget. We use a variety of advertising vehicles including print, direct mail, social media and television ads to reach your target market. Traditional ads + digital advertising make the best marketing mix to drive in customers. 


We live in a 21st century globally connected world, and your marketing should reflect that. We bring you modern business success with marketing tactics that meet your revenue goals and are not based on clicks and likes. To maximize your presence in the market, we will show you insights on the HOW consumers buy and the consumer “decision making process,” which includes online purchase decisions for products, services.


Your website is a proxy for your business. We understand the digital front and will help you design the best online presence to meet your business goals.


Business owners frequently over look an easy way to increase customers with this easy step: to promote what they already excellent at. “Be the Advice” and “The Source” of information to capture the attention of those savvy customers. People, patients, YOUR CUSTOMERS are already taking more ownership in the buying decisions, and where they go to for products, care, and to meet their needs. We will position you to be a source of that information and provider of choice.


We manage all the aspects of the project, including the budget. We will operate within your guidelines and show you exactly what you want to accomplish. Included are reliable cost-effective suppliers + obtaining contracts + negotiations as needed. Plus what a little more, or a little less can get you ... 


Your brand is your business “personality” and it is how your image is perceived by consumers. Branding includes your image and how it is presented in existing marketing materials like business cards, brochures and your website. But branding doesn’t stop there. Branding is the long-term public image and reputation of your business. As your business grows so does your brand, in online reviews, your perceived public image and stories written about your business. All your intentional customer service and the overall experience your customers have should be in sync with your image. We can do that! 

Insights... Read our articles about branding trends.


This is a piece of the Marketing Puzzle that is too often ignored. We understand that your employees, staff, and vendors play a role in marketing your business. We address the ways you can promote yourself internally to achieve external growth. Word of mouth and the strategies we use will build up your businesses overall image of excellence + bring in customers + drive traffic.


Publicity is a form of FREE MARKETING that business owners should not forget to add to their Marketing plan. Free Publicity is one of the foundational pieces to build your business brand. We get you access to this important piece of the Marketing Strategy. You can’t have a true Marketing Plan without it.


We will create the Marketing Solutions you need, quickly + efficiently. When clients want to create custom business solutions, to streamline internal procedures, or make filling out forms a breeze. We can do that! You can avoid 3rd party providers and develop communications without using expensive vendor services, with us! After signing a non-disclosure agreement (ours or yours) we will conduct an assessment of your process and procedures and provide tailor made solutions. After set up we provide ongoing maintenance. No maintenance fees, no annual fees, no mandatory use fees. And you call us when you need revisions or updates. Yes, it's pretty simple ... 


Joanne works can be your "marketing department" on an as-needed basis + a sub-contractor to execute a segment of your plan. We work under a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), where we do all the work and you take all the credit ... 




We provide a full service Marketing Menu, where clients get access to our marketing expertise. We guide YOU through the best strategies. Here are some examples of the work we do:


Our Branding formula allows us to develop a custom business identity for you with key messages that we place online and in offline material. We conduct a 1-on-1 interview to understand the impression you want to make and the excellence of YOUR BRAND. Then we look at the competition and see how you stand out. We will create your image components from logo + message + mission statement + vision, even a branding reFresh when needed. A complete package to launch your organization and keep your image alive.


We manage all your design needs, both online and in print. We develop the creative message elements in the start with concept 'the idea' development, drive the vision and compliment the design with the message. Your work will be unique, attractive, memorable, versatile, simple, have appropriate color and resonate with your audience.


Joanne has extensive experience in M&A Marketing and Communication Integration. We develop the key messages, and align consistency in the brand based on your market situation. We will standardize marketing elements, include customer service integration + communications (internal + external, current + acquired) to address all the unique needs of a new business entity through acquisition, joint venture or merger. Brand building events + customer care. We avoid disruption in the day-to-day business cycle. In the post acquisition plans we ensure an “All One Company” model + provide continued ongoing support.


As experts in messaging, we will take what you want to say and make a statement! Simply. Clearly. Our copywriting is never canned or copied. We apply this skill to existing in print written materials or your online presence + website, and revamp content for a concise tone and message with out damaging your internet website rankings. With experience in a variety of industries, we don't have to conduct extensive research because we already understand what you do. We will write new copy or edit and update existing materials. We refresh your brochures, add new marketing materials, create biographies and profiles. 


Along with your brand reFresh, or when creating a business identity, we provide stationary packages with complete logo integration into your business documents. Including business cards, letterhead, electronic letterhead, envelopes, invoices and templates for future document development. This includes your Marketing needs online in forms that we can customize to meet your needs and integrate into your internal procedures. 


We give your business image a boost with a Brand integration throughout the organization. We create a standardized profile for your Marketing needs and customer service tools: greetings, voice messages, online profiles, boilerplates “About” your company, and tools for PR and job postings.





We ensure your business is listed properly on the internet with over 50+ leading publishers + integrated with established search engines. We standardize your brand & business description across all local listings and your internet footprint. Does your website appear incorrectly online? We ensure a consistent image.


Build your brand on the world's top social media channels. We will help you capitalize on a high-impact online strategy. We select the right Social Media platforms for clients. While everyone needs an online business presence, where to have placement will vary, and when you truly 'advertise' it doesn't always mean snap chat or twitter. We build your brand and talk to your customers, it is not just about clicks and likes.

We Include:

+ complete setup

+ develop profiles

+ posting management

+ fully optimized images and pages


+ we lead in-depth workshops to train your team

+ we manage social media channels

+ online reviews management

+ answer online reviews



We provide long term website management, updates and fresh pages, throughout the life cycle of your business. Even if we didn't create your web site, we can help you now. We will provide monthly maintenance, add pages as needed, and ensure your cross-links and website functions properly. We are an on call website service to help maintain your brand.

Webmaster Service is provided annually 2 - 12x per year. to ensure website integrity with protection against hackers, correct backlinks and correct URL Errors. We know the inner workings of the web and we won't hurt your site rankings when make improvements. Additionally we will monitor activity and evaluations on what your clients are reading, and give you additional content website users are looking for. We add valuable insights + keep your website functioning properly.




Your website lives and breathes your business. We ensure that the website meets your customers needs and your business growth plans. We provide regular updates, and ongoing management of all your website functions to keep you looking great and appearing in search results. We will reFresh for your website, without losing valuable page ranking. We will make sensible additions, and correct, fix, make adjustments along the way.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We will help you drive traffic to your website and convert customers. Regularly updating your website with Genuine SEO + current content including testimonials, industry articles, and a web page content refresh to help drive your online traffic. Our unique content and approach helps convert website visitors to become customers. We provide as much or as little support as you need.

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