Our Purpose is to Deliver WOW!

The year was 2000, and Joanne was visiting small business owners to feature them in a corporate banking ad campaign. After chatting about the project, Joanne always asked to tour their facility. Each owner was unique in the products they offered, and the EXCELLENT staff working with them. The only thing missing was Marketing.

Every business had a marketing need and was asking for some "free advice" on how to accomplish this new product launch or increase that products sales. But they also couldn't afford a full-time marketer on staff. 

From there Joanne tried to find affordable can-do-it-all marketing consultants and project managers. While there were plenty of niche freelancers, and big agencies with teams that could work on the project (alongside a hefty fee), no one firm could provide one-stop-solutions. In 2005, Joanne Klee Marketing was born.

We work with your small business and corporations that way you want us to. We can be your temporary marketing staff, work on a marketing project, or work alongside your staff. We are flexible because we understand that small business needs will vary from company to company. And we want to work with you on marketing the way you want us to.

Our Marketing Firm Philosophy

The original idea was to create a firm of marketing experts who could service business owners on an as-needed basis, with smart solutions always delivered with style and professionalism. Over the years Joanne Klee's firm has evolved, but we never lost sight of our customer. Everything we do is centered on the fundamental goal of providing you with the best business marketing solutions, with service excellence, and one stop solutions . . . when you need it.

Experience the Marketing Difference




Superior Customer Service is the corner stone of Joanne Klee Marketing. We manage all aspects of getting the marketing work done + efficiently + quickly + on time + on budget. 




Joanne will support you, and your team. It’s all about the details. We get the best project results with cost-effective tailored marketing solutions.




Joanne Klee Marketing handles the marketing project management, providing you with updates. We add in the resources to complete the plan, while you give final approval.


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