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Better Boys Foundation and Family Services

Non Profit Event Management IN CHICAGO.

Marketing Management, Public Relations, Multi-Year Contract

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In my over 40 years involvement with special events, I have never worked with an event planner better than Joanne. Her attention to detail and her written reports were critical to our success. Her ability to work with a fairly cantankerous committee was both an important asset and fun to watch. Her management of our events was the key element in our success.”
— Troy Ratliff, Executive Director, Better Boys Foundation | Executive Vice President, The Joseph Kellman Family Foundation

Let's Get Started

The Better Boys Foundation was looking for Event Management services to help increase revenue for their annual gala fundraiser.  We helped offset costs and increase the proceeds raised for vital programming and services to combat poverty.

Over the course of 5-years, Joanne Klee Marketing partnered with the Better Boys Foundation for their annual fundraiser 'Friday Night Fights' success and to ensure great marketing, cost savings and revenue goals were met. 

Non Profit Event Fundraiser ACCOMPLISHMENTS

  • Objectives: Sponsorship growth 5-10%, year-over-year
  • Increased event efficiency budget savings 15% by streamlining
  • Increased event attendance YOY
  • Exceed income goals by $60,000
  • Expanded invitation management, auction efficiency and post event payment process
  • Continually evaluated looking for event gaps in the process and verifying accountability

Marketing Services for Event Management

All the graphics design needs were met with great designs for the program books, ticket sales, and event signage. Changing the design year-to-year yet maintaining tone, message, and brand consistency of the organization are included in the event management services Joanne Klee provides.


Graphic Design Services for your Event

Graphic design is just the beginning of great event management content. We develop the invitation design and eloquence in the wording. On the interior of your program book, we include all copywriting needs. Message from the co-chairs = check. The evening program and event agenda = check. And behind the scenes we stick on the timelines to your agenda to make sure that all the planned events will fit into a solid timeline.


Event Committee Management

Joanne Klee Marketing and Events will develop the committee structure and manage the committee meetings. We ensure that everyone understands their committee member role, and the goals of the group. We attend the meetings, scribe the notes and report back to management, while keeping track of the details to make sure it all gets done.


From a committee driven event to a team of employees, we keep everyone on track with proven project management on the event planning space. We can plan their tasks and keep everyone on time. Efficiency matters. All in a fun, approachable way.  

Executive Committee

Event Consultant Role

Advertising and Program Book Committee

Silent and Live Auction Committee

Corporate Underwriting and Sponsorship Committee

Decorations Committee

Host Committee


Invitation and Registration Committee

Major Gifts and Solicitations

Kick Off, PreEvent and Dinner Planning Committee

Marketing Committee

Publicity and Media Relations Committee

Volunteer Management Committee


Press Release &

Public Relations


"Amatuer Boxing Fundraiser Helps Knock Out the Effects of Poverty"

We provide the media relations strategy for non-profit organizations and fundraisers. We go beyond the press release and reach out to local contacts specific to your event to promote and create excitement for added media attention. It's a full service event plan with PR integration.

I worked with Joanne Klee multiple times at the Park West. The events Joanne did with use were benefits [fundraisers] with tight budgets, but her end clients and their guests expected them to also be of the highest quality.

Working with Joanne was a pleasure because she was extremely organized. She was professional, respectful of our venue’s policies and always cheerful. I know that she put in long hours in the planning and execution stages of these events, but her attention to details never waivered and neither did her positive attitude.

I would love to work with Joanne again soon and often!
— Theresa Altgilbers, former Director of Sales at Park West, Chicago

New Center Grand Opening Events. Multi-Day Event Series.

We developed the BBF newly constructed center 'Grand Opening Event Series.' The 3 Days of events included Friday Family Night, Saturday Donor Soirée, and Sunday Community Open House. We provided Full Service Event Management so the non-profit staff could mingle with the families and donors. 



Event Management Project Plan

We manage the event details from the pre-production and sponsorship development, to the onsite details of auction management and vendor services. We manage the details to ensure event success.





We handle all the event details, in Chicago and nationwide. Our event management experience allows an understanding of your business goals related to the conference or fundraiser, and the services to plan for the best event. Here is an excerpt of our "To-Do List" when planning your business function.

Pre-Production and Event Planning Launch

Committee Structuring and Site Selection

Sponsorship and Advertising placement timelines, mailing deadlines

Auction Solicitations letter development to mailing timeline

Contractual Work: Obtaining Bids and Securing Vendors


Design Timeline, Save the Dates Series and Invitation Deadlines

Database development and management

Invitations development, printer timeline, mailing costs, and personalization

Develop event signage list, design & printing management, delivery schedule

Program book development, advertising specifications, design and printing

Day of Event needs from timelines, producer notes, delivery and vendor confirmations, script development and housekeeping items for the audience

POST EVENT. It's not over yet, ... post event survey consolidation, committee assessments and de-briefings.

Mailing of thank you letters, tax letters



After the Event //

Our success with the Better Boys Foundation was long standing for over 5 years of event and marketing services. Joanne Klee Marketing and Events provided marketing, graphic design and advertising services. Learn More about the Better Boys Foundation Event and their Non Profit Organization history.


You can have Excellent Event Management?

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Board Members Referred Events //

Our Joanne Klee Marketing firm grew our partnership with BBF Board Members where we had the success of working with The Joseph Kellman Family Foundation and the Gale Sayers Center. See the Beach Ball Fundraiser here in Events and below in Gale Sayers Celebrity Golf Open. 


Gale Sayers | Celebrity Golf Open

Joanne Klee Marketing and Events provided Full Service Event Management for the Gale Sayers Foundation, with founder and former Chicago Bears Running Back, Gale Sayers.

Gale Sayers Center | Celebrity Golf Open | Joanne Klee Marketing   Full Service Event Management

Gale Sayers Center | Celebrity Golf Open | Joanne Klee Marketing

Full Service Event Management


The Joseph Kellman Family Foundation

For Board Members of BBF, we provided Full Service Event Management for The Joseph Kellman Family Foundation.

A Simply Elegant Beach Ball | Scholarship Fundraiser

A Simply Elegant Beach Ball | Scholarship Fundraiser