Joanne Klee speaker at the SoloCEO Summit 2019


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Chicago-ILLINOIS May 19, 2019. Joanne Klee Marketing, the best marketing in Chicago, announced today Motivational Marketing Speaker Joanne Klee will headline the SoloCEO Summit on April 4 at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

The day will center around getting the most out of your entrepreneur business and life. A community of accomplished entrepreneurs will share their insights on how to navigate through the SoloCEO journey. As the motivational marketing speaker, Joanne will encourage those present to take their brand and STAND OUT in a competitive market (with unique examples of ‘what not to do’) and drive results. Business owners are looking to access corporate marketing principles and Joanne helps attendees walk away with practical marketing tips.

Along with Joanne the SoloCEO Summit features a wide variety of dynamic presenters and speakers. Plus a panel presentation on a question and answer with thought leaders to be a sounding board and guide solopreneurs with trusted advice.

About Joanne Kleé

Joanne Kleé is a marketing Guru with a creative, AWARD WINNING 20 year professional career. Joanne’s entrepreneurial vision led to Joanne Klee Marketing, a Chicago Based Marketing Agency, since 2005.

Joanne has led marketing departments at high-growth financial institutions. Her experience spans from exciting million-dollar retail advertising campaigns to low-cost grassroots initiatives. As a corporate project leader, she maintained a financial profit and loss (P&L statement) + developed return on Marketing investment (roMi) protocol. All her marketing initiatives need to make solid business sense and align with business goals.

About the Company Joanne Klee Marketing

Joanne Klee Marketing is a provider of professional marketing and event services for business. With extensive Award Winning marketing experience Joanne Klee Marketing brings innovative marketing that builds the business brands and drive results. A women-owned independent marketing agency and since 2005 and based in Chicago. For more information, visit

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Joanne Klee

Joanne Klee speaker at the SoloCEO Summit 2019

Joanne Klee speaker at the SoloCEO Summit 2019


Insights … Be the Brand. Joanne Klee speaker at the SoloCEO Summit 2019.