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Wide Awake Hand and Wrist Surgery with Fast Recovery Time and Less Pain

New Medical Procedure gives patients easier access to hand surgery

Chicago, IL - November 1, 2017. As a leader in the outpatient surgery community, Belmont/Harlem Surgery Center (BHSC) is continually searching for innovative and efficient ways to benefit patient and physician needs. Today, BHSC announces its newly available surgical procedure that allows patients to participate in a cost-saving, time efficient, and minimally invasive procedure, thus reducing pain and improving outcomes. This innovative wide-awake hand procedure allows patients to experience accelerated recovery times, as well as avoid sedation or general anesthesia.

Using the Wide Awake and Wrist Local Anesthesia No Tourniquet, or WALANT method, provides a possibility for hand surgery procedures to be performed at our outpatient surgery center under local anesthesia, without the need for sedation or anesthesia.

“The patients experience is our main concern. We strive to provide innovative advanced surgical techniques to our community” said Dr. Todd Rimington, Medical Director of Belmont / Harlem Surgery Center. “We are pleased to announce that we now offer the Wide Awake Hand and Wrist Surgery. There have been advances in local anesthesia for minor procedures, which now allow them to be performed while the patient is fully awake. This allows for faster recovery time and less pain after surgery.”

WALANT can be useful for performing various outpatient services including carpal tunnel release, trigger finger release, tendon repair, or excisional biopsy procedures. Larger procedures including wrist fracture and some elbow procedures can be performed with regional block anesthesia while the patient remains awake. Patients who prefer to receive anesthesia for their procedure will still be given this option, but for those who may have high-risk conditions, WALANT offers a solution in avoiding potential complications caused by anesthetics.


The WALANT procedure has a substantial cost savings due to the fact the patient is opting out of anesthetic treatment and minimal use of medication within the post-operative setting. The advanced technique of this procedure reduces medical waste and is better for the overall environment. The outpatient procedure lessens healthcare expenditures to patients as compared to a hospital stay or more expensive treatment options.


Belmont/Harlem Surgery Center is a free standing, state-of-the-art, ambulatory surgery center.  Our modern facility was uniquely built and designed to service Chicago’s northwest side residents and enhance the quality outcome for patients, physicians and staff. Our specially trained, highly skilled surgeons are credentialed by our center, and use the most advanced surgical tools available. Our staff provides clinical excellence and the highest level of professional patient care.

Belmont Harlem Surgery Center is licensed and regulated by the Illinois Department of Public Health and accredited by the Joint Commission. Belmont/Harlem Surgery Center is a physician owned joint venture with Presence Health Care. For more information, visit belmontharlemsurgery.com.

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