What’s the next move for your business?

What is your competition up to? How are you going to get ahead in the market? What’s your next move? Joanne Klee Marketing delivers your next move in a custom business marketing strategy made just for your brand.

Joanne Klee Marketing and has provided a customer centered experience that was excellent.”  
— Principal, Chicago Public Schools

marketing Strategy, MAKE THE RIGHT MOVE

We bring big ideas to life. We will write your marketing strategy to point your business in the right direction.

Once we hear your business objectives and develop a custom marketing strategy for your business. Then we set up the online marketing you need to stand out from the competition.

Here’s How We Do It:

  • time-tested marketing strategies that work

  • customize marketing to work for your business industry, location and brand

  • we use the best tactics that work to bring in customers.


Time Tested Marketing Strategy

How we work helps you make the right move for your marketing. We put together a strategy that makes sense. We already have experience in your industry, now we want to get to know your brand. You are the expert in your business. We add in traditional marketing and online digital marketing.

Get a marketing strategy that fits your business.


Custom Marketing Strategy

It starts with a conversation. We listen to your goals. You have the valuable industry perspective about your business that we can add into our marketing strategy process. We work to get your customers.

A tailored marketing strategy that is aligned to your brand.


We Use the Best Tactics for Your Marketing Strategy

In our brand assessment Joanne Klee Marketing will shape a marketing strategy that aligns to your business goals and revenue objectives. We look at current marketing trends you have to attract customers and increase market share. We back up our plans with our consumer insights + market and industry data + competitor information.

We help your business use the best approach with customers using the best marketing tactics.

We know what customers want.


Get Your Marketing Strategy

+ revenue focused

+ builds on the brand you already have

+ adds our marketing expertise

+ adds data and research

+ has a clear marketing plan

Contact us TODAY! Let’s get started on your marketing strategy.

Get Your Business Marketing Strategy

Want to Know A Little More of our “ Marketing Strategy Secret Sauce? ”

It’s Already in Your Brand!

a man writing about marketing strategy in workflow architecture for ecommerce

The market is full of competitors both experienced and new, but we know the “secret sauce” and it is all about you.

Your brand is what makes the difference. Our marketing inventory will uncover the unique message of your business.

Let’s get to know your brand. This allows us to develop a strategy and make you a market leader, for your store front or ecommerce marketing strategy. We uncover why potential customers should PICK YOU.

Then we pick the best tactics in online and traditional marketing to get your customers.



We conduct two types of brand analysis to make sure that we address all sides of the business in the marketing plan.

SWOT Analysis

We offer a top-level S.W.O.T. analysis to review the marketing factors we can control.

Your business

S | Strengths and

O | Opportunities

Competitive Recon

W | Weaknesses and

T | Threats


We include a P.E.S.T. review, which includes factors you cannot control. These social and economic indicators are extremely valuable to your business marketing strategy. This is an evaluation of technology and more in what is up and coming in the marketplace and how changes are potentially impacting your business.

P | Political

E | Economical

S | Social

T | Technology

A Little Bit More . . .

Of course we run a Competitive Recon on mission possible marketing. Our marketing firm will look at what your competition is doing. We will look at what works and what doesn’t. To give you the best marketing strategy we help make your brand stand out and get ahead of the competition.


You want A Great Marketing Strategy for your business. Where should you start?


Let’s get started on your marketing strategy. Contact us.