Number 8: A Year in Review for our Chicago Business Marketing Successes in 2017

Chicago Business Marketing Success in 2017, Top 10 List, NUMBER 8

We have been sharing some of our Chicago Business Marketing Firm and client success in 2017. As the marketing industry grows, so does the variety of services we can provide. We chose to stay on trend with new ways you can grow your business in chicago. And we use great marketing strategies and tools to get you there. Keep reading for another number in our Top 10 Countdown for 2017 Chicago Business Marketing Strategies.

Number 8: A Year in Review for our Chicago Business Marketing Successes in 2017

#8 Website Development and ReDesign

We love websites. Designing, photography, and copywriting — it’s a format where all the arts come together. The secret to writing 25+ pages for each website means staying fresh in copywriting. I follow the old rule to write everyday. Writing and reading, staying on top of what is new, this makes for long term best practices. 

Understanding your audience, your patients demographics, who you service allows us to capture the write tone for that audience. You can read more about tone in website development here. Writing about your services can be technical, easy to read simplified, or take an education approach. We developed several sites this year, adding new pages to websites, redesigning a 5-year old site for a doctors office, created 2 brand new sites for an endoscopy center and providing some writing for an outdoor patio construction and materials provider. Yes, our very own website made the list, but that's later in the countdown.

We provide a variety of services in web development, including a la carte; pick what you need in website services. We can write your tagline, we can write you web page content, or just source great images for you. We partner with other agencies to provide subcontract support. All these sites are search engine optimized, mobile responsive and include keywords specific to that brand (allowing them to be found in search results).

Chicago Website Development

Complete full websites, landing pages, and some needs just some copy writing, or a tagline. 

Best Chicago Business Website Development Near Me

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