We make your marketing and business ideas come to life. We talk about your revenue goals and converting customers. And ... we manage the process so you don’t have to.”
— Joanne Kleé


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Flash player Got You Down? Website Redesign

We partner with our business clients to provide them the best Chicago marketing has to offer. We develop your business website, fix your website errors and add new content to Market Your Business.

When our client had flashplayer issues and a website that needed some TLC, we rebuilt the website focusing on an improved user experience, reliability and download speed on a mobile. Our aim was to provide the best user experience no matter what device the audience is using.

identity | redesign | small business web services >> See it live...

identity | redesign | small business web services >> See it live...


This client had started a DIY business website, as many business owners do. While there were plenty of resources to get a website started, there were unforeseen issues that became frustrating and time consuming. The DIY website also had a flash player issue that prevented iPhone and iPad visitors from seeing the image galleries.  


You don't have to be the expert in website development best practices. We understand the best way to set up your website, from beautiful images that represent your brand, website architecture for correct headers and metadata, to adding marketing details including developing taglines and copy that easily tells customers what you can do, fix, heal, ...and help them.

Experience Overview

Over 60% of users access the internet through a smartphone or tablet. You cannot risk running a website that does not work on all devices. We wanted our client and their patients to have the best possible experience when using the site on smaller screens, including iPhones. We fixed this client's flash player issue, added content, and made a search engine optimized, beautiful, mobile responsive website.  >> See it live...

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CHICAGO BUSINESS web development

A Return on Your Online Investment


We are here for the long term.  As your business grows we customize website services to meet your business needs. For Belmont Harlem Surgery Center we added patient surveys, pre surgery planning guides for families and patients to improve productivity and user experience. We also provide ongoing content development to drive traffic to the website. 

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Over the course of a year, we increased website traffic by 800% YOY. We improved search engine results through the use of keyword integration and SEO best practices to gain first page results above the fold. 

You deserve the best marketing for your business.

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BUSINESS Social Media Management IN CHICAGO

Despite the challenges, Joanne has worked through all the details with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. It is due to her work that our Social Media is professionally managed with interesting content and school memories... Our school community is very proud of the result of Joanne Klee’s Marketing advice and work...”
— William, Principal, Chicago Public Schools
social media management | content | advertising 

social media management | content | advertising 

* As of May 2016 the Facebook network has 191.3 million Facebook users in the US, representing approximately 58% of the entire US adult population.


Is your business a part of the conversation? The online conversation happening 24 hours a day where your customers talk about brands, services and, YES, They Talk About Your Business. You can take charge of your brand and help direct the conversation.

Social media management services vary from client to  client. But one thing is certain: we know it works! Social media success is in part due to people wanting to connect with your company. The desire to always be connected allows a unique dynamic in running a business, you are able to directly talk with customers. You can acknowledge what they love about your brand, and even "start a conversation" with prospects, clients and fans.

Our social media management takes into account your organization's needs. We understand your business goals and create a social media online business presence that is is designed to make your organization stand out. We reflect your brand, your message and advertise your business so you can get more customers.


Out of the 100's of social media channels to choose from, we conduct a brand assessment and set up only the most relevant channels for your business. We will integrate your brand message, ensure consistent brand recognition, and set up your pages following industry best practices (fully optimized pages). No matter what your business objectives, from driving traffic to your website, communicating with the community, to developing creative content... it's mission possible! See more about our process to develop the best marketing for your business in >>> HOW WE WORK

Reputation Management

While we manage a variety of social media channels for you, one of the still reigning Top Channels is Facebook. And that is why we like to use it as an example. Facebook's mission, "Giving the people the power to share and connect," I would argue is fulfilled since they have connected over 750 million* people globally, including your customers.

We develop your online presence including professional interactions on reviews and comments with your customers and fans. We guide the tone and image you present professionally and responsibly. We manage your business identity and online reviews, including setting up a response plan to answer all reviews. We on all social media fronts, including these popular sites: Yelp, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and yes, Facebook too. 

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reputation management | social media | business partnership

reputation management | social media | business partnership

CHICAGO Branding and Identity

New Business Identity for Consulting Firm

Our start up services include branding and identity development with all the details in between. Our client ASC Launcher came to us with a clear purpose + vision for their business, they needed to add an online identity and marketing materials.

We work in partnership with your business. The client provided the pieces of the Marketing Plan they wanted to integrate: the company vision and mission, and we provide the marketing expertise to let your business excellence shine through. After the initial brand assessment, we took care of creating the materials and getting client feedback and approvals. To ensure the new identity reflects the personality of the business, we provide concept boards, market SWOT and PEST assessments, allowing the ASC Launcher owners to make the final decisions.

identity  |  messaging  |  business partnership

identity  |  messaging  |  business partnership

Full Service Marketing Plan

From there we take care of the details including: writing the copy for your marketing materials + tag lines, designing the stationary package + business cards, selecting images, and complete website development.We do the tasks including write the copy for your marketing materials, website development and provide full service support throughout the process. Long term we are here to grow with the business and add web pages and content as the business expands. >> See it live...


From Everyday to the Extraordinary . . . Joanne Klee is a Marketing Guru with over 20 years experience to meet your needs with creative insight, quickly and efficiently.

  • Testimonial Advertising campaigns. Increase the brand exposure for corporate division (serving clients $10M in annual sales), resulted in increased quarterly account growth.
  • Marketing Department. Provide full service marketing solutions for an Ambulatory Surgery Center, including branding standardization for consistent look and feel, redesign website to work on all devices, create surveys and online forms (instead of 3rd party vendors services), policies, marketing plan for advertising approach and implementation of selection.   

  • Smart Phone 'App' Launch. Wulf Properties Group. Developed marketing strategy and social media plan for Smart Phone “Realtor App." Beta Test event for 25 guests. Entrepreneur small business marketing services.

  • Panel Discussion. Deeply Rooted Productions. Dance Production Company: Panel Discussion. Provided pre-planned question and answer segment, creative direction and copywriting for brochures, promotions and advertising. 

  • Internet Profiles for Entrepreneur. Bogie's Plumbing. Independently Owned and Operated Self-Employed Plumber. Development and Execution: Internet Profiles, Branding, Business Templates and Invoices. Small business simplified marketing web services.

  • Advertising Campaign. Scribd. Marketing and Event e-Commerce Templates. Achieved exponential growth of 350% 6-month social media campaign. Accomplishments: achieved 900% growth 104,000 page views from 2014 to 2015. Social Media Advertising campaign and promotion.

  • Online Business List Event (Google + Across Internet Providers). Joint Partner: Vision Starts +  Evanston Chamber of Commerce. Presentation for business leaders + self employed entrepreneurs DIY session. Review of: How to create a business listing + importance of internet files + how to "get found" in a customer search.
  • BBQ Direct Mail Program Her unique award-winning direct mail campaign received a 1,500% roMi, a first ever achievement that size. See Recognition page: Award for Best Supporting Actor.

  • Million-dollar retail advertising campaigns (quarterly, 2000-2005) Advertising in print + TV + radio, increasing revenue quarter-over-quarter. Project management + agency oversight + strategy development + product positioning + manage approvals.

  • Presentation & Script. Sargent and Lundy. Travel Consultant. Presentation development and script. Consultant services for entrepreneur.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions. Developed "Go to Market" strategy and execution well refined during the course of her tenure on the M&A Team since 1998. Mergers included: First National Bank of Evergreen Park (customer service); Pinnacle Banc Group, Inc. Quad Cities (customer service); Grand Premier National Bank Financial, Inc. (small business marketing); Merchantile Bancorp, Inc. (small business marketing); Old Kent Bank, Inc. (marketing). Home Loan Bankcorp FSB (small business marketing + training & curriculum development).

  • De novo marketing. Marketing Manager. 2000 - 2005. 50+ openings. Marketing "Go to Market" Strategy. Accomplishments: Arrival at profit with in 1st year, cost savings streamlining. Fifth Third Bank.