Number 5: A Year in Review for our Chicago Business Marketing Successes in 2017.

We have been sharing some of our Chicago Business Marketing Firm and client success in 2017. As the marketing industry grows, so does the variety of services we can provide. We chose to stay on trend with new ways you can grow your business in chicago. And we use great marketing strategies and tools to get you there. Keep reading for another number in our Top 10 Countdown for 2017 Chicago Business Marketing Strategies.


Chicago Business Marketing Strategy Success in 2017, Top 10 List

#5 HIPAA COMPLIANT PATIENT FORMS Chicago Marketing Professional Services

Most medical practices are migrating to online EHR Systems to remain medically compliant. As a part of this process, having patients complete paper forms is becoming a thing of the past. Instead most medical offices are migrating to having patient medical health history forms online.

We often meet with clients and talk about Software As A Service (SAAS), and how these marketing tools are the current way many small business owners manage marketing services. Most medical practices need legally approved and legislative compliant marketing services and online tools. We can do that! This include what doctors offices need for HIPPA Compliant interaction with patients.

We could probably draft a Top 10 List of HIPAA COMPLIANT Online Tools for Medical Practices, but then we’d be giving away the secret sauce.
— Joanne Klee, OWNER | Joanne Klee Marketing


We provide you with everything from online Patient Registration Forms that can be completed online, or submitted using a HIPAA compliant email service. We develop the marketing service your business needs. And we did for many happy customers in 2017. 

number-5-a-year-in-review-for-our-chicago-business-marketing-successes-in-2017online medical forms website design HIPAA COMPLIANT online automated tools 
Business Marketing in Chicago #MissionPossible
— Joanne Klee, OWNER | Joanne Klee Marketing


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