Genuine SEO. It's Raining Cats and Dogs.

Not all marketing is digital nor requiring genuine NEW Genuine copy or content writing for every tactic, but I dare find a marketing program that isn’t in some way integrated into the digital front. Early on in my career I met an entrepreneur who said “your business needs to work for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If you can figure that out, well then you struck gold." Well, we have arrived at such a possibility.

Since most businesses advertise on some aspect of the web, from putting your business on social media, to adding your promotion on a radio station announcement or website, we are online 24/7. But in order to make sure your webpage is found in Search Results, then we need to make sure your web pages are Search Engine Optimized, we do that. 


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When writing for the web, and web pages, there are baseline strategies we use to help your website get found. We are experts in this piece of the internet puzzle. We also stay in front of digital development changes and best practices to ensure our clients see the results they are looking for in their online marketing strategies. Clients often ask about web pages and why the process of writing for the web is so intricate (for us, not the client). Thus this article was born.

When you search information on the web, we are certain you want web pages to appear that are relevant to your search. These pages should be crafted for easy reading, appropriate for you, the target audience, and give you the information that your search query requested. Your customers want those same results. In order to appear in search results, and for your page to "Be The Answer," then we know you have excellent original Genuine SEO content. We are going to explore why this idea of Content writing and long term content management and Genuine SEO is so important.


The NEW Art Form that is SEO

Genuine Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content writing will evolve with the way you do and your business growth. True SEO is not gimmicky in that phony way to try and drive traffic to your website (we explain WHAT IS SEO below, with examples). There is no way to manipulate Genuine, well crafted, SEO. Altho many will tell you can manipulate SEO, thus the gimmicks.

Listing keywords on a page has already been blocked by the almighty algorithm (keep reading for more on Search Engine Algorithms). And embedding keywords is not the answer. Genuine SEO is getting more powerful every year. And my best argument about the value behind generating Genuine SEO is the biggest company behind it all. BECAUSE ITs GOOGLE


Genuine SEO “It's Raining Cats and Dogs.”

No it’s not! Be Honest in your SEO Tactics, Because It’s Google! 

The biggest reason why you can’t manipulate SEO is because of one tried and true business model. Google has not changed there business mission since their founding. Google’s purpose is still to get you the best information from the web for your search query. PERIOD. Google algorithms change several hundred times during the year, and while we cannot anticipate every advance of their brick and mortar Google Plex, growth and change does validate our point. Google is getting better at "googling." That means Google will get better at ignoring the Gimmicky Keywords tactics and bad or unoriginal content. How does google know what is "bad content." Ah, the beauty of analytics.  

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SEO is not just Keywords. What is SEO? 

We are going to get a little technical here. But stay with me I promise it's not painful. Remember your early elementary school math days. You know an algorithm is a formula or long math sentence, and each element of that sentence is a value. Say you find pieces of a website like the website headers, or the 'keywords' on the page, or the images, and image descriptions, etc. These are some of the SEO 'values' calculated by the algorithm, getting high and low values, depending how well they are properly structured, and optimized for search engines. If you follow best practices in optimization it results, partially, in your website "ranking well" (and arriving at the almighty 1st page search results). Additionally, your website will "Be The Answer" consumers are searching for. And all clients want that! More on our definition of SEO is here.


Negative Values in the Algorithms, they "Ding" Your Site

Luckily we at JKM are familiar with search engine algorithms and web development best practices that our client web sites do accomplish their business objectives. They also are not "Dinged" by the following page rank blocks because we practice Genuine SEO. There is an element of the aforesaid algorithm that blocks the 'value' of simply listing keywords + terms or 'repeating content.' You 'lose points' for bad header formatting, and images that are not optimized, and the like. Your website ranking also gets dinged for the dreaded 'canned content' (copy and paste effect). We always write fresh new content for each client.


Never canned, never repeated. Google hates content that is copied from one web page to the next (with some few exceptions). Getting around this conundrum of referencing other content, not copying it, is cross-links. Cross linking to outside sources and high ranking heavy traffic sites (think Starbucks, or Amazon, you should see our credits page) will give you website greater page ranking. And, you know by this point, there is a higher website value in the algorithm for genuine valuable content and SEO tactics.

Your customers, the humans reading the web page, want to see content with a 'readability' and ease. As people we like checklists to get things done, but not for long vertical scrolling on the web. Thus the search for the balance between being "readable" and "Search Engine Optimized” (read our definition here). Joanne Klee Marketing carefully crafts YOUR BRAND SPECIFIC message into the copy, blending keyword best practices and your messaging in a way that is natural to read (and well liked by algorithms). Positioning you as the website with the answers, and being found online. 

We make your website live and breathe your business, and users feel like they are interacting with your brand, but not reading a KEYWORD dictionary. When SEO is Genuine, say in the way you are reading this article, you get a variety of benefits:

  1. relevant information for the human reader, ...

  2. which results in getting shared via social media, ...

  3. resulting in appearing in more search results, ...

  4. and earning the almighty backlinks to your content.

  5. ALL this while building the personality (Brand) of your business.

  6. And of course, the algorithm loves the VALUES too.

In this method of building GENUINE SEO CONTENT we work with search engine tools to help more people find your page and make your business relevant. The more people find and share your page, the more traffic you gain and the more revenue you earn. 

[You have arrived at The End of the 'Knowledge Builder' section, now we will get into some examples.]


“It’s Raining Cats and Dogs”

So most of us have heard the saying "it's raining cats and dogs" at some point in our lives. And probably a battery of other idioms growing up. Idioms are a good way to understand the elegance in writing for SEO. Clear, direct, concise messages versus 'cute' or 'clever' approaches that get lost in translation. Using ‘complex bits of frozen syntax to be clever DOES NOT WORK for Genuine SEO. Stay with me thru the intro bit here . . .


IDIOM id·i·om  ˈidēəm/  noun; 

  1. Complex bits of frozen syntax whose meaning is more than simply the sum of their individual parts.

  2. A deeper meaning then the words being used.

  3. Often not literal.



… You crack me up.

… Hot under the collar.

… I need to get forty winks tonight.


I remember growing up and hearing my aunt's and uncle's use slang & idioms to get me to behave. “Stop jumping on the couch or you’ll crack your head open.” Was my head ACTUALLY getting cracked open 'like coconuts?' No. But that saying was a proxy for instructions: “stop jumping off the couch or you will get hurt.” Today's mommy me says: let's make a better choice then jumping on the couch <and redirect child avoiding cracked open head>.

Other idioms like “it’s raining cats and dogs,” well that just doesn’t translate into anything much that is literal, other than a lot of rain is coming down. Either way, for kids and adults, it is better to be DIRECT and use literal meanings then sayings that do not truly mean the words being used. 


… as blind as a bat.

… let the cat out of the bag.

… I smell a rat.


And so goes writing for SEO. Literally human reading + purpose based content is a better search result and gain for your business, then keyword integration just for the sake of it. Don’t be click bait. Don't get caught in the gimmick of keyword listing. Google will block that!


… out of the blue.

… seeing red.

… doubting Thomas.


Analytics and Research Based Decisions

Good content is measured by you, the user, always! And google knows through the use of analytics if website content is valuable to the users and consumers. What people like is not a well kept secret, and we can dice the data in many ways. We take it a step further, applying what we know to make you an excellent web site, or refine your web pages. The analytics and research tools we use for understanding consumer behavior, well google uses those too. Amongst other things Google also continues to improve their algorithms, and that's why they change several 100 times a year. When potential customers don’t stay long on your page and you have "high bounce rates," that problem will also decrease your page value in search engine results. Your bounce rate tells Google 'the user is not finding content on this page for the X search.'  ... you have to measure up. 


… keeping up with the Joneses.

… by the skin of your/my teeth.

… eye for an eye.


Good content is measured by the user, and not by a Google Bot. Always!”
— Joanne Kleé, Owner | Joanne Klee Marketing

Good Web Page Content Writing Takes Talent ...

Writing is a skill. Speaking one or more Languages is a skill. Language as a system of communication has literal and figurative meanings. Don't get caught mixing daily speaking, language use taken as a source for SEO content. What you say and adding clever, creative, positioning of your business message will not drive traffic to your website. 

Web development is a system of communication just as language is. Web sites and internet pages have to be visually pleasing for the user AND web formatted for those algorithms to value. 


… grease somebody's palm.

… jump the gun.

… lay down the law.


Good content and copywriting, that is yummy reading by human eyes + balanced with the 'high value' wants for algorithms IS A SKILL. Good copywriting is developed over many years and long periods of time spent writing, and writing, and writing. Experience is the understanding when the balance is achieved between the what’s good for human read-ability along with search-ability, and that balance takes talent.


… pay through the nose.

… tighten one's belt.

… Are you still in one piece?


Don't Get 'Lost in Translation'

Understanding good Genuine SEO Content for the web is similar to translating idioms to a non-native speaker of the English language. Idioms are a figurative language. While we use idioms that are full of whimsy, mystery, meaning and fun to play with, if you do not understand them , or their translation, then the meaning is lost. 


… hit the sack.

… hit the hay.

… toss your cookies.


Similarly, stuffing keywords into a post as we have made 'crystal clear' is NOT Good Content Writing. And besides bad reading, it is NOT the GENUINE SEO search engines want. Don’t get lost in translation with bad keyword integration. 




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