Get Your Video on YouTube Kids with BEST OF TIPS for Video Search Optimization

Get Your Video on YouTube Kids with BEST OF TIPS for Video Search Optimization

We believe in OnDemand Marketing and getting you the tips and marketing insights to get your business noticed online, on youTube and to all audiences, including those who market to kids!

This is an insights piece we created with ideas for a customer, and since it is a list of guidelines, we knew our readership would like ti too.

Here is our quick article including links from youtube to the entire list of youtube kids programming guidelines, and our “the Best of YouTube Kids Content Tips List” below.

Get Your Video on YouTube Kids with BEST OF TIPS for Search Optimization

In our article HOW TO SUBMIT VIDEOS TO YOUTUBE KIDS (SORT OF) we covered the details of How to Submit YOUTUBE KIDS video content. And the “Sort of” at the end is important, since there is no simple answer except that it comes down to GREAT Family-Friendly content. Worth a Read!

As you know, YouTube is a community platform, and they making posting content easy. With a couple of tips, and common sense guidelines, your videos can be on the youtube kids app. And who wouldn’t want all those repeat views form the little’s of the world! Even with YouTube new monetizing guidelines have changed, but you can still generate YouTube Partner Program income because those views add up!


We have a quick BEST OF LIST of YouTube Kids Video Search Optimization Ideas to get published listed below to give you a higher chance of appearing on youtube kids channel, as well as tips to help viewers easily find and enjoy your content on the app.

Did you notice we said give you a “higher chance” of appearing on YouTube Kids. Why? Read the link to HOW TO SUBMIT VIDEOS TO YOUTUBE KIDS (SORT OF) and HOW YouTube Kids curates the content.  We cannot GUARANTEE getting any videos on the app. And no one else can either. Read the disclosure!

DISCLOSURE: NO GUARANTEE’s. A little disclosure here, there are no guarantees that you can get your content on YouTube kids. Following our You tube Kids video content publishing tips here in this article, or even following the youtube guide DOES NOT GUARANTEE your specific content will appear in YouTube Kids.

Great! So you know there are No Guarantees to getting videos on YouTube Kids, but you can still be a channel that kids love and have your videos watched in the app. Here a little bit on how to do that.

BEST OF TIPS for Video Search Optimization to Get Your Video on YouTube Kids

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) applies to your website and your video content. SEO work is a series of steps we take as web developers to help more people find your website and video content. Search engines, like Google and YouTube (which is the #2 largest search engine on the web) use formulas called algorithms to read your youtube content that is relevant to a viewers search inquiry. Our terms and definition article explains more digital terms, including SEO.

How is the process of SEO relevant to YouTube Kids? Just like we optimize content for your website, we have steps to optimize your video channel. We outlined a handful of the BEST TIPS and steps to get your started.

The basics in every YouTube video content approach does not change - GREAT CONTENT. Then optimize the the details.

Let’s Get Started!

1.Family Friendly ORIGINAL content.

Your content needs to be family friendly, and follows the Youtube Community Guidelines to be an option for consideration from youtube on youtube kids.

2. Make your Videos SEARCHABLE

(Read tip #3 on how to get the right words for this step.) We use Search Optimization Rules to help get your video content indexed. This includes the same steps we would use to optimize a mainstream youtube channel content. 

This means (4) pieces of your video details need to be video search optimized: Thumbnails, Titles, Description and Tags

    • THUMBNAILS: Try including colors and faces of your most recognizable characters in thumbnails. You also can add visual indicators for topic, video length, target age, etc. Some video publishers feature their logo or the same still shot in every thumb nail, don’t do this. A unique thumbnail image is always the best choice. Alternative to an image, is actually writing out the title of your video as the still frame.

    • TITLES: Concise titles (<65 characters) can be easier to read in the app. Include some of your keywords from your research in the title.

    • DESCRIPTIONS: use keywords in your description. This includes restating the title in the description. YouTube recommends you try adding song lyrics or video transcripts in descriptions, this will also help capture a common search query - the song in your video..

    • AND TAGS: this should include your categories, and some of the keywords from your research, and the title of your video.

    • BONUS TIP: Make sure your thumbnails, titles, descriptions, and tags always accurately represent your content and adhere to our guidelines. DO NOT USE Clickbait, catchy fake headlines, or add metadata that is not representative of the content in the video… ultimately this would be reported as not family-friendly and get you banned from youtube kids. Learn more about youtube spam and deceptive practices policy here. 

3. YouTube and Youtube Kids search words and phrases.

YouTube and YouTUbe Kids wants to help users find the most relevant content. Since there software wants to present the most relevant and popular videos and channels in search results. For you tube kids consider how kids might pronounce words or phrases, the way kids talk and what they talk about is the “keywords” you want to build into your titles, descriptions, and tags.  

Get Your Video on YouTube Kids with BEST OF TIPS for Video Search Optimization joanne klee marketing 2019

* Remember when using these guidelines for search techniques that are the way kids will phrase requests in voice search - not adults.


If you saw Joanne present as the Marketing Headliner for SOLO CEO Summit, then you learned about how google and youtube help you build your keyword research on the site. It’s build right into the front facing end of all places searches start.

  • Kids keywords searches include what is popular or trendy, characters and pop culture phrases. Also picking terms that are simple to say helps when creating optimized titles.

  • The basics for youtube and youtube kids is the same… use YouTube Kids search and start typing in a few characters in the search box of YouTube Kids and see what shows up.

  • Take it to the next level and review your YouTube analytics. We love data and reading the youtube search data understand which search terms drive viewership, and more eyes on your video content. 

  • BONUS TIP: refreshing data, and adding the most relevant search terms, to new videos helps increase views.

4. Video Disclosures are your friend.

Youtube recommends disclosures - in your description and OPENING FOOTAGE if it may offend the audience. As a content creator, it is important, especially on YOUTUBE KIDS that the audience feel safe and aware of anything disruptive or disturbing in the video. We have included some example video content disclosures here. WE ARE NOT ATTORNEYS, duh, so while these are some best practices about content disclosures, you must clear any disclosure you may use with your legal advisor. Don’t take our word for it.

  • This video may feature adults who are engaged in provocative, sexual, or sexually suggestive activities. Viewer discretion is advised.

  • This videos show people involved in dangerous activities, such as physical stunts, using weapons or explosives, or using a controlled substance like alcohol or nicotine. You should not attempt to copy or replicate these activities. Viewer discretion is advised.

DISCLOSURE: Please remember these are just some examples, and don't post content that might, even if it just might, violate youtube policy.

Good luck in your content curating adventures. Now that you know how to get your video on YouTube Kids with BEST OF TIPS for Video Search Optimization, start posting those videos. Let us know and we will subscribe to the channel.

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