Out of the Office Email Responder that is Not Boring

Out of the Office Email Responder that is Not Boring

Often we need to maintain the professional approach and remind people that we are out of the office (not because I don’t like you, vacation is why I’m not returning your email).

We prefer to have fun with the mundane side of business so our out of office reminders often have a fun side to the message.

Out of the Office Responders that Are Not Boring

On a recent family break I was chatting with my son about what vacation are important to business owners, and it helps maintain our sanity. We need time to refresh and take a break from work so we can look at life in a new way, and maybe change the marketing strategy we have in place, or buy that product we forgot about, or [INSERT REASON FOR VACATION HERE].

From CEO to the data management or tech support - get noticed in a new professional way. A fun tone or message sparks an interest in who you are - in your personal brand way of doing things. Go ahead #beTheBrand and be you in every aspect of doing smart business.

Out of the Office Responders that Are Not Boring

Here’s Our Most Recent One….

Email Subject Line //

Takin’ a little break . . .

Email Body (Message) //

Sometimes we need a little R & R, or time to clean the house. Either way, I’ll be Out of the Office thru April 22.

But as you know, when I get back the email stack will be a real thing. I will return messages over the course of a week.

Regards Joanne.

Yes, we reallllyyyyyy did this!

out of the office email responder that is not boring joanne klee marketing

When drafting your Out of the office Email Responder that is not boring, follow these tips:

  1. Keep it simple.

  2. Keep it Professional. Ask yourself “would my grandma approve of this message?”

  3. Tie in the Brand. Either your own personal tone or the business you work for. . .

If you want to learn more about how you can #BeTheBrand see our white paper SoloCEO Tips to market Like A Baller and tip sheet you can download from Joanne’s headline speaker presentation.

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