What Is MOvember About // A few guys were in a pub . . .

Yes, facial hair is raising awareness for men’s health.

It generates conversation.

It expresses a personal sense of style.

It’s a reflection of you.

Oh, and now you can have a fancy moustache to help build awareness for men’s health.

This #MOvember you to can do some good by simply MOWING your beard and leaving a ‘stash of your choosing. And this simple act is raising awareness for men’s health. 

What Is MOvember About //

A FEW GUYS were in a pub . . .

Go on, you know you want a “new do.”

Gentlemen, it’s no longer just about the ladies “new do.” Mens facial hair makes a statement that can be impactful, all while being handsome too.

But why is this movement picked up so frequently on Social Media (like on our page)? Well let’s admit it, this kind of stuff is fun. And if your a fan of men’s facial hair it’s sexy fun. If you’re not a fan, then it is something for you to complain about. Any health awareness campaigns or national observances are a great way to build content for your brand. You align with a good purpose. And that tends to showcase your brand as caring for a good cause. So show off your stash on social, be a part of the conversation.

And back to the original conversation, what is MOvember about // a few guys were in a pub . . . and here’s what happened.


The name MOvember comes from the blending of two words. In the United States we say mustache, but in the Australian and English formal lingo, it’s Moustache. And so the "mo", merged with the month of "November," and we formed MOvember.

We have loads of other marketing specific digital terms and definitions in this post you might like.

Whiskers Say What?

This is the conservative and socially acceptable theme and launch of the campaign . . . however, there is more to this story. As with many good ideas, a group of friends was sitting around a pub in 1999 in Adelaide, South Australia. Apparently they we’re chatting about men’s health specific to the hairy nether regions like testicular cancer. They thought it would be a great idea to bring back the moustache, and grow one to raise money for charity. And so mowing around your upper lip was more socially meaning full, and acceptable, then to draw attention to the area you can’t exactly show off.

Part two of this growing hair phenomenon evolved into another "Growing whiskers for whiskers" theme. In this case it was about a whole other set if whiskers, the 4-legged kind. This same pub-crew aimed to sell t-shirts with this new theme. Thanks Wikipedia.

We’re glad MOvember is the theme that stuck!

An Event Was Organized

Launched in 2004 by the MOvember Foundation, the MOvember theme is an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men's health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men's suicide.


Moustache MOvember and Marketing

Make this a social conversation. Post photos of staff with beards and stashes. Champion the cause in a fun attention getting way for your brand. And brag about the financial contribution that you make with your tip jar by the checkout or donating a portion of proceeds to a great cause. Most importantly, have fun with your social media content and be a part of the conversation.


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