World Emoji Day The Cornerstone of Social Media Tools

🙈 Shield Your Eyes. It's World Emoji Day. We love the world of emojis, and a picture is worth 1,000 words never seemed more true 🤓. Okay, so an #emoji "smiley face" sends a clear message as does the "sushi" emoji when discussing what's for lunch.

World Emoji Day The Cornerstone of Social Media Tools

👀Emoji's go beyond the text 📲world too. Marketers target users 🎯like you, and use these e-tools to catch your attention in 📢emails and social media posts. Yeah, we really do.

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World Emoji Day The Cornerstone of Social Media Tools

Why are emoji’s so valuable in Social Media Content?

Emojis are an easy way to recognize an emotion. They capture the quick way, that people have the ability to recognize any face and emotion together in a simple way.

Emoji’s represen:

  • human emotions

  • situations

  • objects

  • other humans

  • places

 This includes from homes to hospitals, savings to spaghetti, families to fear, and children, aliens, whimsy and weather. A picture says a 1,000 words has a whole new meaning.

BIG BRANDS Get Involved in Emoji Day

You know this stuff works when big brands leverage emoji’s to advertise their product. Over the last few years we gathered some favorites.

Domino’s Pizza used, well of course, PIZZA SLICES to generate attention and advertise their new online ordering options.

World Emoji Day the Cornerstone of Social Media Tools

Bud Light celebrates the 4th of July with their flag advertisement on twitter. The Fourth of July and Beer go hand in hand on this national holiday observance. And Bud Light captured the moment.

World Emoji Day the Cornerstone of Social Media Tools Budlight 4th of July Advertisement

Insights … See how we use emojis in blog articles to give readers eye candy.

Who created World Emoji Day?

To answer this tid-bit, we need to go in the way back machine to 1982. Back then, the technology limitations included computers only supported simple basic text characters. By the end of the 1990’s computer programmers revolted wanting more fun interactive symbols and characters. So, at the end of the 90´s by a Japanese communications company NTT DoCoMo, created emoji’s, characters that represent the many smiley face feelings we share today.

🌍 World Emoji Day was created by Emojipedia founder Jeremy Burge in 2014. 📙 Emojipedia is the custodian of this global holiday and responsible for this very website.

Emojipedia serves over 25 million emoji lookups each month and we spend our time updating 📃 emoji definitions, tracking emoji 🔄 changes, and keeping the world informed about the latest emoji additions and ✅ approvals. Learn more about world emoji day here.


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