#GirlPower International Women's Day


This International Women's Day celebrate the women in your life, at work and at home. Honor women past and present and recognize their achievements. 

Let's ALL Pledge // to Empower Women and Girls to reach their full potential. 

Girl Power International Womens Day Joanne Klee Marketing Tip to Empower and Celebrate Women


How to Celebrate International Women's Day at Work? 

Knowing your role in an international movement can sometimes be daunting. But we're here to help. Participating in International Women's Day can be a small task from having a good conversation to volunteering. Our friends at Mashable have put together some good tips. 


How will I Celebrate?

I see some coloring time in my future one-on-one with my baby girl. We will talk about the kind of #GirlPower she feels, and talk about how she can do anything. The boys will participate in this chat too. Everyone has a role. Keep the conversation going . . . 

#MissionPossible #InternationalWomen's Day


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