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I want you to be successful in event management. And there are some planning secrets that I am happy to share with you so you will have a successful event. As a marketing guru for over 17 years, we get to blend the best of what we do to give your the a great experience. We’re a Chicago marketing firm, with the best business event management services. Your event can have the best food and the most beautiful location, but if you don’t have these Top 3 Tips for a Successful Event, you might be missing out. Event managers, clients and entrepreneurs can benefit from this event advice. Wanna jump ahead and watch the Top 3 Tips for A Successful Event, click here for the tips and secrets video here.  Or get to the bottom of this article for the link.

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It’s Always About These 3 Key Event Planning Steps When Creating Your Big Event. 

We are going to give you the #1 one best kept secret in the event planning process along with #2 & #3. Enjoy the video. #MissionPossible



Event tips you didn’t know, but can do to make any event a success! Why site visits matter, and what to do when your there. #EventManagement #TipsandTricks #DIYevent.

Event Management, The Committee Roles

Many clients tell me that they are bringing the best people to the event committee, along side their hot influencer invitation list. While usually true, it is not the most important part of the committee process. 

“We have the best influencers. We have the best people to invite,” said the client.

“Great!” I say, “Now, who will do the work?”


Committee needs two things: influencers and the work horses.

Influencers get the vendors to offer free services, they can gather the auction donations, and they will give direction so the event is a great representation of your brand. 

  • Who will do the work?

  • Who will consolidate the auction list?

  • Who will make the calls and do the leg work to execute the best ideas?

Keep these tips in mind because you need someone - other than the executive director - doing this work. And efficiently. Joanne Klee Marketing offers these event management services and helping keep your committee management on track. 


Event Management Invitations versus the Invitation Process

Your event needs the basic for a great invitation. The basics are the best practices of the design elements. Your invitation needs to capture the essence of the feel of your event, in color and the need to have the best image. 

  • Does typography match the content and capture the overall tone of your organization or event?

  • Does it represent your brand and is the logo properly displayed effectively and prominently?

Invitations are not #2 on our list, but the Invitation Process is. These are the best practices and the minimum for your invitation process. Many people don’t realize the invitation is not the first touch point for inviting people to your event. It should be step 3 or 4 in the "INVITATION PROCESS."

One invite does not make an event. It’s the whole process. Multiple touch points are needed to connect to your audience, guest list and even the internal staff who helps spread the word.

  • When it the first time people are hearing about your event?

  • Is it by word of mouth (I hope)

  • Put a stamp on it and what are they getting in the mail?

  • Dare I say a fax machine & Fax Blasts.

  • What is your email series?

  • Personalized invitations?

  • Personal Notes especially to VIP’s (and a great way to leverage your board of directors/committee).

  • Beyond a Website, info graphs and other ways to spread he word . . .

People always giggle at the fax blast. But this is an effective “vintage” tool, especially in the healthcare or corporate based guest events. While faxes are a stale form of tech, they still exist, use them!


Event Management, The Site Visit

The #1 thing to make your event successful it a site visit, and not just on your time when it is convenient. You must see the space again after the initial visit. After you see the space the first time, you have to see the space at the approximate time of your event. Having a function on Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.? What is the parking situation? Is their construction happening? (I am from Chicago and you would understand the rich meaning of construction in Chicago impacting any event All. The. Time.). 

Go again to the site, schedule another appointment, and see the space at the day and time of your event (Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.)

  • What is the street activity and parking like?

  • The traffic at that time of day?

  • At that time of day or night is their a regular thing going on?

  • Perhaps a neighboring business has outdoor yoga, or employees entering and exiting the facility side door?

  • Is my signage properly sized for the space?

  • Do photos make the space look large and it is actually really tiny?

  • Site managers, and hotel sales managers need to be your best friend. Have you worked closely with them and asked their advice, and what to expect?

They know the in’s and out’s of the area, of their space, and can give you insights. Feed them, bring an occasional treat, and most importantly maintain a high service standard with them! Return their phone calls and emails promptly. 

Still want more event management perspective. See what Joanne Klee Marketing can do for your event. We integrate the Marketing Eye into our Event Management process, it's whats us the best. In Chicago or Nationwide. That way you can sip on Latte's.




What MORE Will You See In The Event Management Top 3 Tips For a Successful Event Video: Denver, Colorado and the Lower Downtown "LODO" Sites

You will see LODO Denver’s Colorado’s Union Station. Starting at the back of the station where the train arrives from the Denver Airport, at the end of the airport rail line at Union Station. We walk thru the first floor of the Crawford hotel union station area in the lower downtown LODO district of Denver. Rich wood benches and unfortunately the sounds of the street and sidewalk cleaning. See the front facade of the Union Station sign and now hotel, and we walk by the outdoor cafe.



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