Immerse Yourself in Something You Love: An Anti Valentine's Day Post

Valentine's Day forces us to think about love. We are often flooded with images of hearts and puppies. Seeing everywhere those flowing colors of red, pink and white around us can make you feel like drowning. This Valentines Day I propose we do something different:

Immerse Yourself in Something You Love: An Anti Valentine's Day Post

So this valentines day let’s love the things we normally don’t. Break away from the traditional schmoopiness, love filled, sometimes exhausting tradition, and instead leave obligation behind and love the things that YOU WANT. You can learn about valentines traditions from around the world, or just jump into our tips below. 

But wait, what was that thing I always loved to do?


Approximate reading time of the Anti Valentine's Day Immerse Yourself post: approximately 8 minutes


It can be hard to immerse yourself in something that you love when — in our busy day to day lives — we forget about those things we were once passionate about.

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Let’s Get Started and Immerse Yourself into Something YOU Love. Here are a few tips on rediscovering it. . . 





Immerse in your younger self. What would a Five Year Old me do? Do you remember what you loved as a child? Running around, or eating a favorite snack? Did you play with a certain toy, or maybe a musical instrument collecting dust in the attic? Remember what it felt like in your hands, or how that salty/sweet/colorful candy tasted in your mouth? 

I know you are not a young sprout anymore, but that doesn’t mean that you should not get the same joy out of life. Go ahead and have fun with that same food, pull out the instrument and play it, bring out your inner rockstar, or just color. Give your self permission to play. 

Joanne Klee Marketing Chicago Business Marketing Firm Advertising Campaign Immerse Yourself in Something you love. Anti Valentines Day.



Immerse yourself in food. Speaking of snacks. Do you have a favorite food? Passionate about burgers, or sushi? Maybe you have always wanted to try those new ramen noodles with the sticky sauce? Whatever your taste buds have wanted, GIVE IN TO THEM. Today is the day to drive across town for those delicious must have’s you have been dying to try. Go on, swim in the sushi. 



Immerse yourself in laughter. My older son has blocks of time that he can use his homework chrome book for other things that he loves like excerpt and clips of his favorite sports teams. Amongst hearing him cheering during a great play I can also hear him giggle from time to time. He has found these funny videos on youtube, most recently we liked 100 most viral videos of 2017, or 100 funny ways people fall down. Once he was laughing for nearly 15 minutes. 15 L-O-N-G minutes. I cannot remember when I laughed that hard or for that long. And I like to laugh. So I encourage you to get a giggle in and watch one of these videos that will make you laugh - because we all know laughter soothes the soul. 

(I can also recommend a great and consistently funny British chat show, The Graham Norton Show on their facebook channel. It airs on the BBC but you can catch clips on the Facebook page and some episode excerpts on youtube. It’s full of you favorite actors being funny.)



Immerse yourself in people watching. In between appointments and when driving around for parking, there are some great people watching moments. People watching fulfills many sins. If you love clothes you can check out what new clothes and trends are in style. From my days as a new employee trainer I still have a little carry over on observing peoples little tells, especially in their body language. When we are talking to someone, and seeing the body language say so much other than "yes, I'll do that.” I find myself having faith in humanity because whenever I do people watch I see the helpers. People helping others, holding open doors, offering a hand, and being nice (most of the time). City living can make you a little bitter, but often we can find the little surprises in how great people are. My good deed is while in the car, watching the person walking and talking on a cellphone directly into traffic — during that flashing don’t walk signal. Usually I’ll honk instead of watching a pedestrian incident. 

Go get a cup of your favorite refreshment and grab a seat and watch. Intentionally arrive a few minutes early and observe people around you. I promise you will feel better about yourself and the world we live in. 



Immerse yourself in Connecting. Have you been meaning to call that friend, parent, sibling, or neighbor? Then do it. Pick up the phone and call them. Make a date with yourself to call and connect. This will also make you feel good that you called.



Immerse yourself in play. I have three kids in my tribe, and so often I look at them and I am envious of the time they have. After homework, and chores, but before bed, they always find time to play. Always. If you don;t have kids, maybe you have a niece, nephew or grandkid? I promise the children around your life will find time to play. 

This valentines day I will find the time to spend time with them. Dishes will stay dirty in the sink, pans uncleaned, and we are going to play. Baby girl will probably have a dolls game, and boys will want a nerf gun battle. So I will probably be immersed in soft, orange, cushy nerf bullets. I would rather do it now before I have another episode of “when did you grow out of those pants?”

Joanne Klee Marketing Chicago Business Marketing Firm Advertising Campaign Immerse Yourself in Something you love. Anti Valentines Day.



Immerse yourself in saying Thanks. The winter blues are here in Chicago. Cold negative temperatures, snow covered streets and slush in the days that follow. It makes you feel just slow and sluggish on the inside. If you want to warm up your heart, from the inside out, then give a little thanks to others. Thank someone around you for what they often do everyday, but don’t get noticed. Saying thanks in writing makes others appreciate it so much more. You took the time to find a card, and pen, had to think about what to say, and then deliver it. And who writes anything on white paper anymore anyway?

Did your child’s teacher recently give you some good advice, then write them a short thank you card for it. Did you postal carrier drop the mail in the slot and not leave it on the ground to get wet, yeah say thanks. Leave them a card taped to the door for that. Maybe your garbage carrier put the trash bins back perfectly. They get your trash regularly, have your ever said thank you? 



Immerse Yourself in “I’ve Been Meaning To.” When we work and run at a quick pace in life, very often WHAT I WANT TO DO gets pushed to the bottom of the list. I actually keep a pin board of things I will do AFTER KIDS. Just because I know its impossible to immerse myself in concentration when “mommy can you open this” keeps happening. 

Get YOUR list done. Carve out time for a bath, paint that mirror, rearrange your living room, go to the new restaurant down the street, or across town. In Chicago we have great access to museums, and free days. We are always at the Museum of Science and Industry for the weather exhibit for the kids, but I just love the Art Institute. And while I have gone with the kids, I think I would like a date night there. Quiet. Contemplative. and No “Mommy can you open this.” Do something YOU WANT first, and then let others get in line. 

Joanne Klee Marketing Chicago Business Marketing Firm Advertising Campaign Immerse Yourself in Something you love. Anti Valentines Day.


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