Number 3: A Year in Review for our Chicago Business Marketing Success in 2017

Chicago Business Marketing Strategy Success in 2017 - Top 10 List - NUMBER 3

We have been sharing some of our Marketing Firm and client success in 2017. As the marketing industry grows, so does the variety of services we can provide. We chose to stay on trend with new ways you can grow your business in chicago. And we use great marketing strategies and tools to get you there. Keep reading for another number in our Top 10 Countdown for 2017 Chicago Business Marketing Strategies.

#3 National and Out-Of-State Event Management 

Event management is always fun, when you like logistics and checklists. We have developed and expertise for corporate events. We help put companies in front of customers and ensure event success. Helping our national client with their Denver event was exciting. We are available and onsite to help manage the details so the Marketing Team doesn’t have to. 

How did Joanne Klee Marketing start event management? When a company need their event , fundraiser or holiday party to be planned it can fall on the administrative assistant or the marketing department. Some brands are big enough to have an event team. But most of the time it falls on marketing. I embraced this growth and because I love logistics and event management is just something we love to do. From the best kept secret in event management, the site visit (you can watch our tips here ... in our Facebook Live from Denver, Colorado's Union Station, see the sights and learn why SITE visits matter.) to being onsite to help manage the staff and logistics. We handle the details so you can spend time with your clients. 

Watch the Denver Joanne Klee Marketing event management video here. 

If you missed the previous countdown posts, start at #10 which will have links for the entire list.

“Business Marketing in Chicago #MissionPossible

— Joanne Klee, OWNER | Joanne Klee Marketing


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