Number 7: A Year in Review for our Chicago Business Marketing Successes in 2017.

Chicago Business Marketing Strategy Success in 2017, Top 10 List, NUMBER 7.

We have been sharing some of our Chicago Business Marketing Firm and client success in 2017. As the marketing industry grows, so does the variety of services we can provide. We chose to stay on trend with new ways you can grow your business in chicago. And we use great marketing strategies and tools to get you there. Keep reading for another number in our Top 10 Countdown for 2017 Chicago Business Marketing Strategies.

A Year in Review for our Chicago Business Marketing Successes in 2017

#7 Business Logo Development In Chicago Doctor

Last year we put a few more logos under our belt. Having served on marketing for over 17+ years you develop an eye for what works and what doesn’t. A logo has multiple elements that bring your brand together into an image. Your logo has goals to accomplish, which you can read about here in our Logo Development Guide. We apply the logo development process starting with a consult. When your company is rebranding, we will give you perspective on a logo purpose, and capture the best aspects of your brand in the redesign, every time. 

When starting a new medical center, one of our clients wanted a logo that captured their business, with an on trend style. With the right image for their medical practice and using the right color and fonts that are right on trend, we found a way to display their business showing experience and a modern approach to medicine. 

While non-disclosures don’t let us always showcase our work, there are some icons that we developed that worked. The logo monomark which is the image basis for your logo, will carry strong representations of the brand, in this case a medical practitioner. Some work ends up on the cutting room floor as is the case here, but we felt that 2nd place still had value. 



As your temporary marketing department, we will develop the creative brief and brand overview to a designer that we partner with with design the logo monomark and typography. As we did here, we partner with designers and guide them in the process to capture the brand essence for a medical doctors practice.

Chicago Business Marketing Success Logo Development Near Me. Marketing Logo Strategy


Chicago Marketing Strategy for a LOGO LAUNCH

Once your logo is developed the process is not complete. We also take care of the LOGO LAUNCH. This includes getting merchandising in place to promote your business image, press coverage of your new design, and announcing your brand to business associates. See an example of our Joanne Klee Business Marketing Firm Logo Launch Press Release Circulation Here

A little excerpt about how we promote your business with a Chicago Marketing Strategy


A new identity can do wonders for your company’s image, but without laying the groundwork for a smooth brand transition, you’re likely to throw your audience for a loop. Introducing your medical practice, along with the distinction from the competition will be critical to ensure a successful launch.


(Champagne bottle image)


People want to know the meaning behind everything and that includes your brand’s new identity. Take the opportunity to tell your organizations story, from why we started a new organization, and why this new mark fits your organization. To prevent confusion in the market we will get in front of the message so patients and partners:

  • Understands what prompted the change

  • Can effectively share the story

  • Be familiar with the new look.

We will help employees, and patients understand that this is a new entity providing services, and it’s uniqueness.

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