Our Very Own Logo Development: The How and Why of the LOGO Development Process

New Logo Development for Chicago Business Marketing . . . Made Easy

When we take on your marketing project, we ensure that your business image and tone is captured in the details. New Marketing Materials need to align to the brand - always - while delivering the message. Along these lines, we use our design process to make sure we maintain brand integrity while designing NEW Graphics and materials.  

We applied this design process to our own logo development. When designing a logo, you capture the business purpose and objectives, expressed in the visual representation.  The finished logo design can vary from designer-to-designer. Each person brings their own style to the table. At Joanne Klee Marketing we use the best designer for YOUR Business. We align the best person who will get the look and feel your are looking for. Small business marketing made

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The #LogoAssessment //

Let's Get Started. Do you have an existing logo? Let's take a look at your existing Marketing. No existing materials, then the 1-on-1 Brand assessment will guide our process to creating the visual representation of your company. You can reach us here to start this process for you too. 

In our design brief, we will structure the logo development around your brands relevant positioning statement. The Design brief is a one-page overview of the design objectives. We apply our industry expertise, so your are not paying for reams of research. One aspect of the brief is the ALMIGHTY Positioning, a Marketing term your need to know, we want to 'occupy a unique, clear and advantageous position in the consumers mind.' From the design viewpoint, attractive, versatile, simplicity, relevance, memorability, and adaptability are inseparable requirements of a successful logo.

See how our medical client business logo development project made the 2017 Top Ten Success Countdown list.

Design of the graphic identity, which often centers around the logo, has become an essential element for the start of your company branding. (Branding is NOT your company Logo, see our Customer Savvy 'Terms and Definitions' to learn more about what branding means.)



Your logo is a visual representation of your company. Similarly to the way a picture says 1,000 words, you logo carries the meaning of your brand. We explore the visual characteristics of current logos with their variety of attributes and what types of visual motifs they use. The details of your logo are used to communicate your company message.

Often times companies in competitive industries will have overlapping attributes in their brands. Thus the importance of the Logo Assessment Process allows us to review the common attributes, and identify your distinctive qualities (and potential differentiators) that we can use to enhance the logo. Regardless of company all logos we develop will be unique, memorable, and authentic. Uniqueness is one of the most important features from a competitive standpoint. It aids in being memorable. But first it needs to resonate with your customers, and you. 

Click here to Learn More about our process.


Great #LogoElements //

Great logo design needs to capture the business identity, but design also needs to entail attractiveness + memorable + versatile + simple + distinctive + be appropriate. 

The additional detail of the logo design is relevance. Your logo needs to be relevant to your industry. How we assess that is a really fun process and how in depth we get depends on company size and industry will determine how deep we have to look into factors of the overall environmental impact on your logo. No, this isn't a "green design" pitch. Instead we go beyond a SWOT Analysis and always consider the PEST.



Both the SWOT and PEST analysis are the Top Level application of the process that we use on nearly every project. This allows us to ensure the best delivery of materials and tactics. 

Read more ... > in brief about a P.E.S.T. Analysis for Your Business in Our Process.

If you haven't heard of a PEST Analysis is isn't because it's new. PESTs are most frequently used when developing a Marketing Plan. If your design partner doesn't have a Marketing background they usually don't use this assessment tool. A PEST includes and assessment of Political factors, Economic conditions, Social issues and trends, and Technology pulse and potential impacts. 

Our Very Own Logo Development: The How and Why of the LOGO Development Process

Back to the Design Factors of Every Great Logo:

Great Design Elements, Defined:

  • Attractive // the Logo will be Visually pleasing, to your customers and to you the owner. Along these lines the logo will be unique to your brand. When we show you initial concept designs for your logo, it will come from our 1-on-1 brand assessment, where we understand you, and your brand identity.


  • Memorable // we humans have a memory muscle, let's use it and have clients remember seeing your logo - where you use it - online, on a t-shirt, business card or in print on packaging.


  • Versatile // the logo needs to be practical and work across formats - online or in print. We mock up the design in a variety of colors from the original design, to the final piece. We showcase in black and white, as well as transparent. Upon delivery we include the final color scheme, black and white and transparent versions in all Vector Ready formats.


  • Simple // Over detailed logos can get lost when made smaller in scale. We use methods to make sure the details of your logo DON'T get lost.


  • Distinctive // Our use of distinction is the color ease of the logo. Colors need to appeal to the brand, the customer and just make sense. We use BOLD when needs and LIGHT FAIR when it's a better approach for the brand.


  • Appropriate // for your market and industry. Really this one is obvious but I know there are companies who miss the target here. We make sure the P.E.S.T. analysis in Our Approach clearly let's us ensure success.

THE BIG REVEAL: Our Very Own Logo Development: The How and Why of the LOGO Development Process

Joanne Klee Marketing Logo Design, we captured the feel of our brands ability to incorporate into other brands, while being current, distinctive, memorable and versatile.

Joanne Klee Marketing Logo Design, we captured the feel of our brands ability to incorporate into other brands, while being current, distinctive, memorable and versatile.


How We Applied the Design Process //

Joanne Klee Marketing provides "Marketing Excellence ... that's all." Joanne will temporarily immerse herself in your business identity, to delve deep into the brand. This process allows us to develop marketing materials to accomplish their objectives.

Integrated into Our Company JKM logo are the elements to ensure successfully translating that message. The circle is 'The Process' that is consistently applied client to client, project to project. JKM initials represent who the organization is, Joanne, simply + clearly.


The #Typography //

Lastly the typography integration allows us to capture the feeling when the logo is laid out in a variety of forms, that Joanne Klee #Marketing integrates into every aspect where they are working. The 'M' is intentionally touching the border of the design to allow integration into a variety of other materials. When you see our Logo Elements above reference Versatile, we intentionally designed the logo to work in any format and take on the background of where it is placed. 

The distinction here was a Blue and Bold traditional color for Business, yet representative of her audience with a softer feel for a #WomanOwnedBusiness.

SEE ... the logo in action on the site JoanneKleeMarketing.com 

SEE ... How We Work towards your Logo design and #OurProcess

AFTERWARD, Your Logo is Ready

Logo Delivery, Opinions and Comments //

We have been thru this process enough times that we understand the initial feeling of excitement around logo development. As time goes on your will hear a variety of comments about your logo. Feel secure in the fact that we use a design brief to guide us in the process of logo development. This anchors us into the appropriate message to deliver thru the visual logo.

So remember, as a business owner, it's important that the design reflects of your brands positioning, as we introduced in the beginning of this post. Everyone will have an opinion on your logo. Everyone will have a say on how it looks. If it reflect the brand, or does it enhance your Marketing efforts? The answer will be a resounding yes. 

Be confident in your NEW LOGO which is attractive + memorable + versatile + simple + distinctive + is appropriate as it represents your business identity.

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